Android App Ideas

With more than a million apps now available from the main Android App marketplaces, the competition is big.
Is it still possible for Indie developer to claim a top 10 position and make good money with an app?

It is possible.
One example for this kind of success shows the game Flappy Bird which was released in 2014.
The app has been downloaded more than 50 million times and made 50K Dollar per day at his best days.

Mobile games studios generally spend months coding up deliberately addictive and viral titles, but Nguyen did Flappy Bird by spending a few nights coding when he got home from work.

What makes this app so successful?
It is not the advanced graphic with 3D or something like this.
The programming isn’t directly brain surgery – an average Android programmer can do it.
So, what is it?
The gameplay is super simple – everybody can play it.
It’s fun.
It’s addictive.

Are you still loving this game? Here is an Open Source version made with Unity.

You may think it over when you’re working on the next app idea.
My advice: Make it simple, make it fun.

Still looking for the next big App Idea?

Here are some tips:

Easy Recipe apps for mixing drinks or all kind of food are very popular. And you’ll still find niches that haven’t claimed yet.

Free Recipe App Template that uses ActionBar Sherlock

The ActionBar Sherlock can easily be replaced with Google’s ActionBar. Follow my earlier tutorial, if you need help.


  1. Fork it on GitHub
  2. Download the .zip, clone it with git or
  3. Import it directly in Android Studio

This is an app would be used to measure distance. By moving your phone from one point to the other, the need to have a tape measure would be eliminated.

This app would help you to decide where to go for a day out. You would simply enter your budget and the distance you want to travel, and the app would bring up a list of local tourist attractions for you and your family or friends to enjoy.

This app would allow you to look at buildings in your local and it would automatically bring up a brief history of the building and would give you some fascinating facts.

This app would be used to do aerobic workout each day. You would be able to put in your required workout time, fitness levels and it would produce a workout to copy.

This app would provide you with tips on how to act and what to say when you are out on a date. You may refer to it for advice on topics such as breathing techniques, conversation openers and many more.

This app would be for anyone living in urban areas who want to take a walk through parks or areas of the city. It would map a route according to your requirements and take you through as many picturesque parts of the city as possible.

This app would be used to plan walks in the countryside by planning the exact number of miles you wish to walk.

This is an app where you can purchase a gift for a friend who also has the app so that they can then go to the local store and collect the gift that you have bought for them. They would receive a notification giving them the exact details of where to pick up their package, whilst maintaining the surprise of what it is. In order for this app to be a success, you would need to get an advanced ordering system in place and an agreement with many multinational companies.

This app would help you to decide which charity is best for you to set up regular payments. The app would ask you a series of questions, and then display some relevant charities, link you to them so that you would be able to pledge a monthly fee.

This app finds the cheapest and quickest courier service to send your parcel to. You would fill in the size, weight, delivery location and postal code and then order the cheapest courier service directly through the app.

This would be an all-in-one app where you could order a DVD, takeaway, alcohol, and pajamas all in one place and create the ultimate lazy day through this app.

This app should be used alongside social media. If you go to a place or tourist attraction and you mark you have been there, then this app would keep a record of who has been there. Therefore, if you were planning to venture there, then you know who to ask questions about places to stay, etc.



Free Been There Template

Look at GitHub to get inspired. But don’t copy and paste somebody else’s idea and code without permission. Make sure that the owner of the code allows to use the code. Google and also other App Store taking away “illegal clones” and your Developer Account could be closed too.

And last but not least, ask yourself:
what do you think is missing out there?
what do you think would be useful to have?
what would be fun to have?

Good Luck!