Do you need to have an iPhone App?

Do you need to have an iPhone App?

Long story short: Yes.

And here is why:
Your competition is doing it. This means if You don’t do it, you have a much less chance that your App will be recognized.

Something I learned from my App statistics from the Google Developer console and Apple App Store Developer Dashboard is, that there are huge differences in different countries.
For example, in The US there’s is still a stronger influence by iPhone users because Apple is dominating in The US.
On the other hand, in many Asian countries, you’ll find a dominance of Android users.
For Europe, it is much more complicated. In Sweden, you have about 60% iPhone users and in Germany they’re more than 60% of all Smartphone users Android users.

What do you get from this information? You need almost for every country both, Android and iPhone versions of an App but depending on where your target customer lives, you may don’t need to release them at the same time if you are tied with resources. Start with the one that is dominating in this particular country/ area.

Here is a short video for people who have difficulty with producing an iPhone App by themselves.

Besides iSites, there’re some other interesting Sites that automate the process to create Apps. Here a small list to get you started:

Apps Zero



Good Luck with your App projects!