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Android Course Preview

New Online Android Course for Beginners You’ll make an Escape Game App from Scratch. The App Idea Escape Games are in the Genre of Adventure Games. The goal of the game is to leave the starting point. The starting point is often a room with a locked door and a couple of items. Some of the items contain hidden information […] Read more

The Game Engine LIME in Android Studio

LIME is a Game Engine for JavaScript. Many games made for Android and other mobile devices are made in JavaScript. Here is an example how the JavaScript Code that uses LIME can be integrated into an Android Project to use it in Android Studio for further development of the Android part.     Make your […] Read more

The Game Engine AndEngine in Android Studio

AndEngine This post is about the Open Source game engine AndEngine and how to integrate it into Android Studio. 1. Preparing the AndEngine library Download the library and import it in Eclipse In Eclipse, export the AndEngine project (without the AndroidManifest.xml file) File -> Export – > Read more