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Customizing the Hello World App part 3

Adding a Google Map Template to the project This tutorial build on the 3 previous tutorials Your very first app with Android Studio – starting from scratch Customizing the Hello World App part 1 Customizing the Hello World App part 2   To continue from here, you could either have followed the above tutorials or […] Read more

Google Maps API v2 sample for Android Studio using Google Play Service SDK

Integration of Google Maps v2 as a part of Google Play Service SDK The Android Studio sample has been uploaded to GitHub Read more

Google Places API in Android Studio

The Places API is not included in Google Play Service like Maps v2. You need to create a project in the Google API Console, similar to Google Maps v2. Than activates “Places API”. When it comes to the API Key, you have to use the Browser Key under Key for browser applications Don’t create an […] Read more