Android Course Preview

New Online Android Course for Beginners You’ll make an Escape Game App from Scratch. The App Idea Escape Games are in the Genre of Adventure Games. The goal of the game is to leave the starting point. The starting point is often a room with a locked door and a couple of items. Some of the items contain hidden information […] Read more

Connecting Android with Cloud Service Ubidots

Let’s face it, an old Android phone is hard to sale. So, let’s make something useful from it. Let’s make a Bike Tracking System from an “old Android Phone” (Android 4 or higher). Even older phones, 3-4 years old, normally have GPS and are by default connected to the Internet via SIM card. This will […] Read more

The Game Engine LIME in Android Studio

LIME is a Game Engine for JavaScript. Many games made for Android and other mobile devices are made in JavaScript. Here is an example how the JavaScript Code that uses LIME can be integrated into an Android Project to use it in Android Studio for further development of the Android part.     Make your […] Read more

Unity and Android Studio Integration

To Set up an Android project for a Unity project is really simple. Unity Goto File -> Build Settings -> Android and click Switch Platform Enable Google Android Project Click Export and choose where you want the Android project to be The Export will produce a structure similar to this: Android Studio Import the project […] Read more

Adding Ads to Android App

Adding Google’s Admob Ads to Android Studio App If you’ve never been used Admob for advertising an App, you properly need to go first to Google’s Admob Website and sign up for an Admob account: Creating the Ad on Admob After logging into Admob click on If your App is brand new, you need […] Read more

Connecting Android Studio Project with BitBucket

Android Studio can out-of-the-box work with GitHub but not with BitBucket. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet which describe a way to work with a BitBucket Repository and an Android Studio Project mostly by using the inbuilt Terminal Window from Android Studio. This Tutorial is not about using the Terminal Window. All […] Read more

Customizing the Hello World App part 3

Adding a Google Map Template to the project This tutorial build on the 3 previous tutorials Your very first app with Android Studio – starting from scratch Customizing the Hello World App part 1 Customizing the Hello World App part 2   To continue from here, you could either have followed the above tutorials or […] Read more

Connect Android Studio Project with GitHub

So, you want to start a new Android project. I’m happy to hear that. But first, a strategic consideration of how you want to manage the project as such. If we create a new project in Android Studio, we can determine where the project will be saved. I assume that most have chosen an appropriate place […] Read more